Woody’s House


Woody's House
Woody's House

Still in the Cataloochee Valley, we traveled to the end of the road and parked. The old home of Jonathan Woody was still another mile ahead of us. The sun was setting but we thought that we still had plenty of time to hike there and back again.

On our way we came to a huge tree that had fallen across the old road bed. We climbed over and continued until we came to a foot bridge crossing Big Creek. The recent rains had caused the water to rise to the point that it was now consuming our road bed. Still determined to reach our destination,  we began bushwhacking our way beside the road attempting to stay on the higher ground. Finally we arrived at another footbridge which crossed yet another creek.  We were so glad to arrive at the Woody place. We quickly toured the grounds and the house, and then headed back to the car.

Jonathan Woody entered Cataloochee before the Civil War, moved out for a while, and returned around 1866.


Woody's House broom
Woody's House - broom

The home began as a one-room log cabin. By the early 1900 it became necessary to enlarge the small cabin. The framed additions, including several bedrooms, porches, and a kitchen, were built from 1901-1910.




6 thoughts on “Woody’s House

  1. I don’t know how many of the background trees are deciduous but the sparseness and bareness of the trees really adds to the atmosphere and compliments the house so well. Good composition too.

  2. I really like that you keep working the different angles of a subject as you have shown over the last couple of post. Like this time you come up with quite a different shot compared to the previous ones. The “Woody’s House – broom” is a telling detail from this historic site, a story of its own. I like the framing with the door to one side and the window to the other. Great graphical qualities.

    1. Thank you Otto for the nice comment. It isn’t something that I really think about a lot, other than I want to try different angles in an attempt keep the images of a certain trip fresh. However, thanks for noticing.

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