We spent a few days at Lake Wedowee, located in Randolph County, Alabama on the upper part of the Tallapoosa River. Construction began on the lake in 1974 which covers 10,660 acres. The lake is named for the small town of Wedowee, with an estimated population of 800 people.



We were just looking for a place to swim, relax and enjoy some time with the family. In addition I took my camera along on several hikes.


This was my first real opportunity to try out my new lens. At least it is new to me.


I recently purchased a used Nikon 18-200 mm VR off of eBay.  I purchased it to replace my 18-55 and my 55-200 kit lenses that came with my camera.


I couldn’t be more pleased with the sharpness. Also its ability to focus at a closer distance from the subject is amazing.


My Tamron 70-300 Macro doesn’t even compare to the Nikon’s ability even though Nikon doesn’t list it as a Micro (or Macro) lens.


The largest problem that I’ve had with my macro had been that I always seemed to be backing up because I’m too close for the lens to focus.


This day I found myself having to back away from the subject more times because I wanted to, not because I couldn’t focus.


What a welcomed change!


In addition to the lens I received a Nikon polarizing filter and a Cannon 500D Close-up attachment.







12 thoughts on “Wedowee

  1. A series of lovely images, Phillip, you have really captured some of the delightful details of Mother Nature. I like the way you play with depth of field and colours. My favourites are the first one, then one of the blue butterfly and the photo just above it.

    1. Thank you so much Otto. I believe that the butterfly/moth was asleep. Do they sleep? He never moved at all.

  2. I am floored as always. That butterfly is almost speaking to me and I feel it is looking me in the eye. And the toad stools (mushrooms) remind me of the beautiful large photo we had in the living room for years that you gave us in a frame.

    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful words Ken. You will never know the effect they you and Wanda had on a young photographer some thirty years ago. I was proud of that picture, but to have others appreciate it too, really meant the world to me. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Thanks Andrew. Those Passion Plants are beautiful. All these different kinds of mushrooms were everywhere. Some were quite colorful.

  3. Fun to play with a new lens. Have you used that Canon 500D optic? I have one and rarely use it. It seems like such a shallow focus on my lens

    1. It is fun! Yes I did use it. I may have used it on some of the mushrooms. I have another series of images that includes a few shots where I used it. You are correct. Once you screw it on you are in close up mode only. However, I liked being able to play around with it.

  4. Beautifully captured images Phillip. I had that lens when I owned a DX camera and absolutely loved it as I am sure you will.

    1. Thanks Edith. It is amazing how beautiful they can be, when they aren’t growing in your front yard! 🙂

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