The Perfect Storm


Today’s post is very different than my usual. The pictures were taken with my work iPhone, for obvious reasons. I hardly ever take a picture with my phone.

Some of you live in regions where snow is much more than a four letter word. It is something that you live with throughout the winter. However, unless you have experienced snow in Alabama, you can’t even begin to understand its paralyzing grip.

We are just not equipped in any way shape or form to handle the white stuff. Some say that locals haven’t learned to drive in it, because of their lack of experience. I’m sure that there is a lot of truth in that statement, since it doesn’t snow here that much. However, it goes much deeper than knowing how. It just doesn’t make sense for the state or local governments to invest in the equipment or supplies to combat it, when we get so little. Usually, everyone knows that it coming and has time to buy their milk and bread, (I’m not sure why, but everyone knows that you have to have milk and bread when it snows.) and then they stay at home. However, Tuesday we weren’t supposed to get any snow. Let the stuff drop without any warning and it becomes the perfect storm.


When I realized that it was starting to become a problem around 10:30 Tuesday morning, I left work in an attempt to make the 45 minute drive home. At 1:30 that afternoon I was checking into an almost full motel. It wasn’t that I couldn’t drive in the area where I stayed. It was that I couldn’t get on top of the mountain where I live.




I was one of the lucky ones. Some had to camp out in there automobiles on the Interstates. Children were stranded at schools. The Governor declared a state of emergency.  I’d like to say that I spent the night and returned to work the next day. No, I was there for two nights and finally arrived home after work Thursday evening.



The first day I headed out to find some lunch and dinner for the night. I stopped by Dominoes. The guy explained that he was closing and only had the orders for some who had called ahead. Then he said I do have a medium size that I had cooked for my lunch, I’ll be happy to sell you that. I thanked him and headed across the road instead. I found an opened gas station, Chinese Restaurant and a Wendy’s.  The next day the Chinese Restaurant and a gas station were the only two places opened.


Did I ever say that winter is my least favorite time of the year?

Below is a link to a video of the metro area during this time, taken from a privately owned drone that he has equipped with a GoPro.  What a fun idea.


8 thoughts on “The Perfect Storm

  1. How funny! Stranded “away” from home is different. Most folks get snow bound at home. When we had snow days in Indiana, we were told to stay home from school. Your Southern plight is not unique; I found the exact same conditions when I lived in Denver; no one seemed to know how to cope on the streets. Cars all over the place and very few of them were actually moving. You are lucky NOT to have the proper equipment to handle the situation because the salt they use in other places will eat out the bottom of your car. Talk to Donna about snow; she will laugh at you with your 2 inches. She drives 180 miles every day through the stuff and she is not a truck driver; just trying to get to work on time. I wish she could see your posts but alas she is too far off the grid. Think about sending her a hard copy of that one shot of the snow on the plants; she would be thrilled to hear from you guys.

    1. After you get to a safe place, it is funny in some ways. The bigger problem is that the forecasters were saying that the snow was going to be further south, from Montgomery to the coast. We were only expected to get a dusting at the worst. They even relocated any equipment that the state did have so that they would be more prepared. To add to the problem our temperature was around 19. I’m so glad to have the weather this weekend. The expected high today is 72. If you don’t like the weather in Alabama, just hang around and it will change.

  2. I’ve been seeing these stories on the news and the southern states have really been hammered this season. Quite unusual for that region. I’m sure you missed getting home while on that extended stay.

    Glad you had your phone with you, these shots came out nicely.

    1. Call me old fashion, but I rather use my camera to take pictures. However, I still use my phone to make calls. 🙂 The snow and ice can really be rough if you aren’t ready.

    1. Thank you Edith that is kind for you to to say. However, I rather use it to make phone calls, read emails, and maybe listen to a book. As for a camera, I rather use my Nikon. 🙂

  3. Amazing to see how little snow can upset the whole state. Of course I come from a place where we are used to snow (and I like winters with lots of snow – which seems not to happen so much any more because of the climate changes). By now everything should hopefully be back to business as usual for you and the rest of the state – otherwise you would have been in deep, so to speak. Great images taken with the cell phone. Of course I understand you prefer your Nikon, but cell phone is great at least for capturing pictures that you wouldn’t otherwise get, no? I mean like these.

    1. Thanks Otto. Spring has finally sprung here in the south. A few of the flowers and trees are beginning to bloom. Although it has snowed here in April before, today is suppose to be in the mid 70’s. I hope that it stays that way.

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