The New Dennemora Hotel



Several weeks ago I traveled back to the Shelby Iron Works located in Shelby County, Alabama. Afterwards, while processing my images I ended up focusing on several buildings located near the iron works instead.



These are processed using Lightroom, Perfect Photo Suite. Then I took each image and processed it again using Snap Art to give it a painting appearance.




2016_02_01-196 The original Dennemora Hotel was built in 1863 but burned in 1898. The Shelby Iron Company rebuilt the hotel and called it the New Dennemora Hotel. It was a two-story wood frame state-of-the-art thirty room hotel.




It was completed in 1900 at a cost of $10,000. It is said that the hotel was the state’s first hotel to have electricity and internal plumbing, and until it’s closing in the 1970’s, was considered the oldest operating hotel in Alabama.






Looking through this porch window an old school desk is seen across the room.







Down the road a way is this old store.





4 thoughts on “The New Dennemora Hotel

    1. Thanks Tony. This is a plugin that I purchased from Alien Skin several years ago. It is called Snap Art 3. I understand they have since released version 4. Snap Art allows you to experiment with multiple artistic styles, such as oil, watercolor, sketching, among others. It can be used in either Lightroom or Photoshop. Mine is installed in Lightroom, because I wasn’t using Photoshop at the time.
      I’ve tried using it several times before. Those times I was attempting to make it appear like an image on canvas and I worked to show the brush strokes. This time I focused on giving the image a softer and realistic appearance. I actually tried to smooth out the brush strokes more than create them. Since these are rather dark images, I was more interested in the effect that it was having with the light.
      You can check out their products at

  1. This technique to produce a “painting” from a photograph is fascinating to me. Bet the old masters are turning over in their graves. Now what I would like to see are side-by-side un-doctored photos and your modified displays. That would be something else! Great work as usual.

    1. Thanks Farrell. I’m sure that all of the “old masters” will continue resting in peace tonight. This is from a older program that I haven’t use in a while. In fact I believe that there is an updated version out there. The only way that I would publish an unfinished image would be in some sort of a tutorial. Never say never, but I don’t have any plans to make one soon.

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