The Little White Church

The Little White Church
The Little White Church


I was looking back through some old images recently and found this image of Verbena United Methodist Church.  I used to travel to Montgomery frequently and stopped by this church one evening on my way back home.

Verbena is one of those towns that remind me of the movie “Back to the Future”.  I’m sure that many remember when Marty McFly goes back into time and finds that everything that he remembers about his town has changed. Some towns are just like that. You almost feel that you have somehow been transported back into the past.  I love visiting these towns.

Verbena, named after the flower, is a small unincorporated community located in Chilton County, Alabama. The town was built beside the railroad and in its heyday, had two hotels, a bank, a post office, and a general store. During the late 1870′s and 1880′s many families fled the capital city of Montgomery, in fear of Yellow Fever outbreaks. Some stayed in hotels, but many prominent families built summer homes in Verbena.

In 1877, the community constructed their first church. Today Verbena United Methodist Church is still located near the center of town on County Road 59.

I processed “The Little White Church” using the Selective Coloring feature in NiK’s Silver Efex Pro 2.




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  1. Wow, Phillip. This is one of the nicest selective color images I’ve seen. The hint of red makes this really pop. Great job, man!

    1. Thank you Jimi! As you know, NiK’s Silver Efex Pro 2 does a great job with selective coloring and makes it extremely easy.

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