The Fruit Bowl


The Fruit Bowl


My wife Cindy had a very special grandmother. One of the things that we remember her for is the wonderful biscuits that she made. She used to make some of the best biscuits in the South. Of course she learned this as girl from her mother. The wooden platter and roller pin pictured here belonged to Cindy’s great-grandmother. As you can imagine it is very special to her. Today we use it to decorate our kitchen and to remind us of family and those special times.

I’ve wanted to play around with still life and in particular this bowl for some time. So I stopped and purchased some real fruit the other day. We  usually display with the plastic version.

I placed the bowl on top of black curtain that I used as a back drop. Then I used a single clamp on lamp with a 60 Watts Reveal bulb to give a more natural looking light. Using my 18-55 mm lens I set it at 28 mm and my camera’s ISO at 200. I shot the scene using manual mode, an aperture at f5.0 and then I bracketed my speed. I took the  above image at 1/250 second. Afterwards I processed the image using Lightroom 3, Dfine 2.0, Viveza 2, and Color Efex Pro 3.0.

I’m pleased with the warm rustic tones and was a lot of fun. I’m certainly going to have to do it again sometime.



4 thoughts on “The Fruit Bowl

  1. This is a very cool kinda classic shot. Something I might expect to see more in a still life painting. Nice color to it also.

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