The $7.99 Solution


The $7.99 Solution
The $7.99 Solution


I want to thank all of you who expressed concerned about the problem I was having with my SDHC Card. I knew that it was going to be something simple. Even though I found a solution, I’m still not totally sure of the reason that it didn’t work. However, what I found was the product of several problems.

First, even though I have heard that it is best to use a card reader, I have always used the USB cable to transfer the files from my camera to my computer. Well I discovered that this cable had become defective.

Second, when I purchased my camera, it came with a free card reader. This card reader is also defective. I tried several different cards and none of them would work with it.

Third, my wife had a card reader that we used to read the cards from our point and shoot camera. I tried using it and it wouldn’t see the card either.

Then Jimi responded to my post and sent me a link to an article. It didn’t really answer my question, but it caused me to realize that the card reader that my wife had was manufactured before the High Capacity cards were produced. Therefore, the card reader couldn’t read the SDHC card.

So today I purchased a SDHC card reader for $7.99 at Target and it did the trick. Now both cards are 8 GB cards although they were made by different manufactures. I’m still confused as to why I was able to read one card and not the other. However, I really don’t care as long as it works.

Thanks again Jimi! If you ever come to Birmingham, please look me up, dinner is on me.



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  1. Awesome you found the solution. Congrats. USB plugs are the weak link on most laptops and mother boards. Especially if you need to unplug and plug in all the time. Both my colleges has issues with their laptops USB plugs. They either wont connect to their printer or the mouse they are using is non functioning. Hopefully one day, bluetooth technology will be fast enough to replace USB plugs.

    1. I’ve ordered another cable. I just hope that it’s not the connector. Even if it is I’ll probably stick with the card reader from here on out. It seems to work nicely.

  2. Great that you found a solution Phillip. Great to share it. I always travel with multiple USB cords due to their propensity to fail. Never really thought about the card reader.

    1. I appreciate it Len. I’ve heard Rick Sammon mention that it was best to use a card reader because of speed. I never really cared about the speed. This time I almost had a full card, but still it is only an eight gig card. It’s not like I’m using a 32 GB card. Normally if I go out one evening I may only have two or three hundred images, not seven. So time isn’t really a factor. However, I’m glad to have a card reader now. I think that it will be easier than using the camera.

  3. Frustrating when simple things like this don’t work. Technology is wonderful, but sometimes a pain. Glad you got it all sorted out.

    1. It can be, but I wasn’t too concerned because I knew that they were there because I could see them. It was just finding a way to use them. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. So glad you found a solution…and at a price you can’t beat. You know I used to use the USB to transfer shots from the camera to the computer and then I purchased a card reader as well just so I didn’t have to haul out my camera all the time but I never would think that the cable would be the problem. Good to know.

  5. So glad you were successful in solving this issue. It never occurred to me that you were transferring via USB cable. I use the built-in readers on my desktop and laptop then immediately copy to external HDs.

    What’s most important is that you’ve resolved the problem. If I ever get to your neck of the woods, and I very well may, I’ll let you know in advance and we could do a photo shoot.

    Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    1. The answer occurred to me about half way through that article. Please give me a holler if you do head this and I we’ll get together!

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