Stephen’s Gap Cave


This past weekend I finally made it to Stephen’s Gap Cave or Stephen’s Gap Pit, I’ve heard both and I’m not sure which is correct. For the sake of this blog, I’m going to stick with cave.  The last time I attempted to travel out to Woodville, Alabama, the threat of thunderstorms kept me away. This day I was going in spite of the warnings.



When I arrived, the site was amazing. Although, I never saw the bottom, not even later when I was inside, I could hear the water splashing below.  There is actually a second water fall just below the opening where water is running out of the rocks.

This area is made up of a lot of sandstone and limestone. The soft rock has eroded over time forming the cave or pit. In other words this is a large sink hole. Sometimes people are seen rock repelling down the opening above. I’ve read that it is a 140-150 foot descent to the bottom.  Luckily for me the opening below offered a little safer entrance.




I’m not sure if I would have ever found the trail head had it not been for a fellow member of our camera club. Ken Gables not only gave good directions, he also had the GPS Coordinate to the trailhead. Be sure to check out Ken’s web site. He is an incredible photographer. The best advice that Ken gave me was to just keep to the right of the dry creek bed, and when the trail begins getting steep you’re almost there. This alone led me right to the site. This is not a public park, it is on private property. Therefore, you won’t see a single sign anywhere, but that alright as you can see, nature has its own way of pointing the way.



Once inside I looked over at the opening and saw this beautiful light that just filled the area.




Remember me saying earlier that thunderstorm were in the forecast. Therefore, there were clouds drifting by. Well apparently it just cleared, because the opening lite up like a scene out of Indian Jones.  It was just amazing.



I couldn’t help but question just how many people knew of this place. So many more have never heard of it, or will ever see it.




It was so beautiful, I could have stayed there for several more hours.



12 thoughts on “Stephen’s Gap Cave

    1. Thank you Len. The first one is actually a three shot vertical pano. I was tickled at how well it turned out.

  1. OMG, Phillip, these images are incredible! The shaft of light was perfectly timed and you captured it so beautifully.

  2. Excellent images, Phillip! I know how hard it can be to captured photos inside caves like this with the overall contrast way exceeding the capabilities of the camera. But you got it and so beautifully render the intense light flowing down into the cave. My favourites are the first and the last picture.

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