Aldridge’s 001
Aldridge’s 001


Many of you know that I’ve been away since my computer crashed and burned recently, figuratively speaking. Now I’m very close to completing my move into my new computer. Maybe it’s because football season is just around the corner, but as I was processing this week’s images, I was reminded of a quote from the legendary former University of Alabama’s coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant. During one of his weekly TV programs, Bryant once said while watching one of his players out run an opposing defense “There is no substitute for speed.” His quote is just as true today as it was during the 70’s when he made it. However, the same is true about computers.


Aldridge’s 002
Aldridge’s 002


I certainly didn’t purchase a top of the line machine, but I was amazed at the increased speed that it has. I’ve always enjoyed processing my images, but speed, as in sports, really makes it more fun.


Aldridge’s 002-sa
Aldridge’s 002-Snap Art


Sunday afternoon I found a few moments to stop by Aldridge’s Gardens. Aldridge’s is a beautiful place to visit. I’m planning to return again in the the near future.


Aldridge’s 003
Aldridge’s 003


I processed these images using Light Room 3, Nik Plugins, Photoshop Elements 9, Fractalius, and Snap Art 3.


Aldridge’s 004
Aldridge’s 004




Aldridge’s 004-sa
Aldridge’s 004-Snap Art




Aldridge’s 005
Aldridge’s 005




Aldridge’s 006
Aldridge’s 006




Aldridge’s 006-f
Aldridge’s 006-Fractalius




Aldridge’s 006-sa
Aldridge’s 006-Snap Art







20 thoughts on “Speed

  1. Congrats on the new computer Phillip. These images are outstanding. The first butterfly image is awesome. The sharpness is unbelievable.

  2. The mushroom images are just so beautiful, Phillip, and the butterfly shot is superb. The creative interpretations of the latter are very well done, but I must admit that the unadorned version is my favourite. (Just call me a traditionalist, then.).

    Great to hear that the new computer is working well for you. I’ve found, too, that for photo processing, the absolutely most powerful processor is not essential. In my case, it’s a Windows 7, i5 with 4 GB of RAM. This is actually a touch screen digitizer pen Samsung tablet, and I’ll be giving it a write up on my site shortly.

    All the best from here down south…

    1. Thanks Andrew. That’s almost exactly what I have, expect my came with 6 GB of RAM. What a difference my old one only had 2 GB. Now I don’t have the tablet and pen. I had looked at the Wacom, but let’s just say they are real proud of their tablets and leave it at that. So how that Samsung working for you. Can you compare it with the Wacom?

  3. Hi again, Phillip.

    6 GB of RAM must make it really snappy, then. So, do you just use a mouse for post processing?

    A few years ago, I went from a mouse to a Wacom tablet as I had developed repetitive strain syndrome in my right hand. Since then, though, I’ve had neck problems from sitting at the computer. Now with my Samsung Series 7 Slate, I can work with it flat on my desk or just slightly raised. The screen is large enough for serious photography work, although I do have a 24″ second monitor, too, for when I want to see things larger.

    The pen is actually a Wacom designed, and the on screen experience couldn’t be better. And by the way, I’m writing this with the pen and Windows handwriting recognition. I do use a physical keyboard when I feel like it, too.

    When I have my review of this tablet computer written up in my site, I’ll let you know.
    For those who are nicely set up already with a good computer, the other possibilities is to just use an external Wacom tablet.

    1. That’s so cool Andrew. Yes I do process my images with a mouse. There has been a few times that I could have really used a tablet. It sounds like it was just what the Doctor ordered in your case. 🙂 And a second monitor, don’t get me started. That’s sweet. However, right now, I just thrilled to have my new computer. I’ll dream about more toys later.

      1. By all means, keep going with the mouse if that’s comfortable for you, Phillip, but should you ever get tingles in the fingers, then its definitely time to get a graphics tablet with pen, before it becomes chronic.

        1. I know a little about what you are talking about. I’ve had to deal with a touch of a carpel tunnel problem. I’ll probably look in to a tablet in the future.

          1. In that case, Phillip, be extra careful. I can tell you that even the entry level Wacom graphics tablets are more than enough for photographs. It’s really only artists who need the 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity that the Intuos tables have.

            One point to watch out for is that you can read complaints on the Internet that tablets with a writing surface that simulates paper, wear the pen tip fast. Apparently, a layer of adhesive plastic is the solution. My old Graphire model has a smooth surface, and the pen tip did not wear down far in the few years I used it. That model is discontinued, though. (My Samsung also has a smooth surface.).

          2. Thanks Andrew. Those points are good to know. Also now I can argue that I really do NEED a tablet. It’s not at TOY but for my health.How does that sounds! Way to go Andy, I think that might just work!:)

  4. Hey Phillip, congrats on the new hardware. My pc is about 2+ years old, and it was feeling sluggish and just plain slow, so I recently added more ram and changed the main hard drive to a SSD (solid state drive). Man, what a difference. Its a fairly inexpensive way of breathing new life into an old computer, so when you get there, thats is something to consider. My next project is to install a SSD drive in my laptop,
    Life is too short for slow computers…lol

    1. Thanks Jan. I considered replacing the hard drive but it was an old machine that was running XP. It just made more sense to just replace it. Hard drives have really come a long way!

  5. Great series of images, Phillip. Man, these are really nice.

    Good luck with the new computer system, man. Bear Bryant was right! There really is no substitute for speed. LOL

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