Siluria Cotton Mill


Siluria Cotton Mill's Dam

This is an old dam located on Buck Creek in Alabaster, Alabama. It once belonged to the old Siluria Cotton Mill. The mill was founded in 1896, and completed in 1904, with additions in 1906 and 1911. The mill finally closed its doors in May of 1979.


Founded by Thomas C. Thompson the mill was located on the same grounds that were once used to muster the Shelby County Volunteers for service in the Creek Indian War.

The property was later purchased by the city and the old mill demolished. Today it is home to a park and a new community building.


high dive



It appears that some local kids have built themselves a high dive, using this tree. I’m not so sure that I would want to climb way up there, much less jump into that little creek.


high dive b w



It might look cool in a photograph, but to me it looks more like a bad accident waiting to happen. I also have a feeling that the city insurance agent wouldn’t be sleeping too well tonight, if he saw this picture.





8 thoughts on “Siluria Cotton Mill

  1. As always it’s a delight to visit your blog. My favourite this time is the second one. I just love the abstraction of the landscape that makes it so dreamlike – bringing me back into childhood memory lane. Maybe it’s the steps on the tree – which by the way to me looks like a splendid invitation – insurance agent or not. Did you use HDR-technique in the first picture or were you just opening up the shadows?

    1. Thank you Otto. The first shot I used Lightroom and Viveza and the second, I also used SnapArt. The last one I used Silver Efex.

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