Shine On

one candle
one candle

In some ways our lives can be compared to a candle. Not only do candles come in many shapes and sizes, some burn quickly while others burn at a slower pace. Some are much brighter than others. Some candles are used for joyous occasions other are for more somber moments.

Some have special fragrances, while others are unscented.  Even the color of the light will vary among different candles. However, while each candle has its own special purpose, all candles are meant to shine, and put off light.

In a similar way, we are made very differently. Each of us has different attributes, but we all have a purpose. Even though it may be a little different, we all shine, because like a candle, that’s what we are meant to do.



Then there comes a time when a candle is finally extinguished, but until then, shine on.



8 thoughts on “Shine On

    1. Thanks Len. I did used a couple of additional lamps to add some light. However, I think that it is due more to taking a lot of pictures, than control. 🙂

  1. An excellent idea to put these two attractive images together in a post. They have this beautiful soft look, and at the same time, there’s great tonal contrast with the background, making them very nicely defined.

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