I was looking through some of my past images this week. Last summer we had visited The Waters located in Montgomery, Alabama. The following image is a silhouette of a rocker on someone’s pier during the sunrise.




Above is a Egret searching for his breakfast. I processed this image in Fractalius.




16 thoughts on “Revisiting

  1. These are both beautiful images, Phillip. The title of that first one is most appropiate, as I don’t think you could get stiller than that! How elegant these both are.

  2. Awesome work, Phillip. That rocker in the first image really make that a fantastic shot. Love it.

    Very nice image of the Egret as well.

  3. The sunset is very beautiful and what sets it apart is the chair and its reflection. Still to me sunsets are sunsets. On the other hand the picture of the heron is nothing but stunning. It’s so beautiful it almost leaps out of the screen. Internal beauty I would say. I simple love the way you processed the photograph.

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