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Last week I wrote about my trip down behind our home. During the trip my dog Pooh Bear and I happen upon a couple of young buzzards. Between the fact that the young birds were located under a cliff and Pooh Bear’s natural curiosity I wasn’t able to get any photographs.  Well this week I left Pooh Bear at home and began my trek back to Buzzard Roost.

Along the way I found these beautiful blue Day Flowers growing in the morning sun. The funny thing about wild flowers is, if they are growing out in the wild they are beautiful wild flowers.  However, if they are growing in your garden, they are called weeds.

As I walked up that mountain again I could have sworn that it had grown from a couple of weeks ago.  I had stopped to make a few photographs. With my camera set up on my tripod and my electronic release connected I began photographing another plant. Well the noise from the camera’s shutter didn’t set well with a nearby turkey and she took off flying past me and down the side of the mountain. All I could do was to watch. Sometimes you just have to enjoy these unexpected adventures. So if you ever get a trivial pursuit question asking if turkeys fly, the answer is yes. Now it wasn’t pretty or very graceful. In fact it was rather noisy. I’ve heard B-52s make less sound, but she got the job done.

Day Flower
Day Flower

After, I reached the top I discovered the sun was shinning on the wrong side of the mountain. Since I needed to shoot back under a cliff, I set my ISO to 3200. Then I walked next to the cliff that’s when I heard a strange noise. The sound was similar to that of mechanical air handling device.  What, blowing air throughout the mountain?  So I started to investigate this noise. It would stop and then start back up again.

Black Swallowtail
Black Swallowtail

I eased over to the edge of the cliff and peered down and there was one of the young birds. Could this ungodly noise be coming from it? I never saw the other sibling or an adult bird. I was watching this little fellow and still couldn’t believe that this noise could be coming from him. It reminded me of Darth Vader, and no, I didn’t hear him say “Phillip, I’m your father”.


I took several pictures before using the dreaded flash. I was rather pleased with the way both turned out. The images shot at ISO 3200 had some noise but not near as much as I expected and the shots taken with the flash came out well too.  I processed all using Lightroom 3, Dfine2.0, and Viveza 2.


4 thoughts on “Return to Buzzard Roost

    1. Adam, I ‘d like to take credit for it but the truth is that I had to practically hang off a cliff just to get this. It not like I had a real choice. It was a neat experience. I have never seen either one before these. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Nice photo!
    Like Adam, I’ve never seen one of these photographed. Great job.

    Funny story about that turkey. 🙂 I understand wild turkeys are pretty smart.

    1. Thanks Jimi. Speaking about a funny turkey story. Earlier this spring I was riding down a four lane road and passed a hen and a gobbler. He had his tail all fanned out and was doing his little dance on the side of the road. She on the other hand, typically didn’t seem very impressed.

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