Pulling into Montgomery


Pulling into Montgomery
Pulling into Montgomery

I didn’t plan on posting another railroad picture so soon. I actually planned to post another picture altogether, I just couldn’t find it. Allow me to explain.

There’s an old building that looks an old power plant sitting on the bank of a river in Montgomery. It can be plainly seen from Hwy US231. However, I have tried several times to locate a road to it and I haven’t found a one yet. It’s really frustrating to be able to see the smoke stacks of the building and yet not be able to drive to them.

The other day I was returning back to Birmingham from Montgomery and tried again with no luck. This is an old industrial area with many railroad tracks. Montgomery’s old train station is only across the river from here. So I stopped and took a few shots of the railroad tracks instead.

14 thoughts on “Pulling into Montgomery

  1. Really cool shot, Phillip. You can’t have too many railroad shots for me, pal. 🙂

    This is so eerily similar to one I have called “Around the Bend”, save for the water tower. I never posted that shot yet for some reason but the POV is so similar. Anyhow, I like this one because of the tower.

    Good stuff!

      1. LOL – Mine is actually a neighborhood shot but the similarity is uncanny. I may mail it to you for a look. I never posted it it for lack of a nice feature, like the water tower you have here.

  2. Go overland! 😉 All the same, I like this image tracks leading to the water tower. Good luck in finding the right road!

    1. Thanks Rob. That’s easier said than done. I’m just a little more concern about the returning without being mugged part.

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