odd little worm



worm 1


This past weekend I was photographing some trees when I found this odd little worm. At first I thought that it was a dead branch then I saw its eyes. I had quite a time photographing him.


worm 2
worm 2


These were processed using Adobe Lightroom 3, and Viveza 2 by Nik Software.


worm 3


This one was processed using Snap Art 3.


worm 4


worm 5


This weekend is the Scott Kelby Worldwide photo walk. A friend and I are planning to walk with a group in Downtown Birmingham. Our group will be led this year by Pete Collins, one of Scott’s Photoshop Guys, who is originally from Birmingham. I hope that many of you are also planning to join a local walk near you. Have a great week!


worm 6







12 thoughts on “odd little worm

  1. LOL… Cool little creature. Like you said, looks like a stick , which probably have saved his life a few times. Your background turned out really nice. Very soft and delicate tones.
    My photowalk this year is in North Bay, Ontario. Its gonna be friggin cold i think..lol – oh well

    1. Thanks Jan I really appreciate it. Well, I’ll be sure to think of you Saturday as I walk. It’s suppose to be an amazing 81 degrees. It does get cold here but nothing like it does where you live. I just couldn’t make it, if I had to put up with your weather. My wife and I have a running joke about our twelve days of winter. 🙂

      1. 12 days of winter… now let me guess.. amount of days of the year where you dont have the AC on.
        amount of days you dont/cant wear shorts cause its only 70 out side…
        amount of days your convertible has the top up
        and so on….
        yes… im jealous..lmao

        1. LOL! Believe it or not it does actually get below 40 degrees down here. Some years have been worse than others but typically the temperatures here are around 30-40 degrees. We might have several spells where it will drop into the teens. I know that this sounds mild to you, but I’m dreading it already. I hate to be cold. I’m glad that it is nothing like the bone chilling winters that you have! I just couldn’t handle those.

    1. Thank you Jimi. He almost “camouflaged” himself too well. I had my snips ready to do a little trimming. You know that you don’t want that little dead branch to be in the way. Oops… 🙂

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