Hydrologic Bench-Mark Stream Flow Station
Hydrologic Bench-Mark Stream Flow Station


I’ve never really been a huge game person, unlike my son has always loved video games. However, when he was young during the nineties, we both got hooked on a new game at the time called MYST. The game was designed by two brothers Robyn and Rand Miller.

The game placed the role of the person playing, as a stranger who uses a special book to travel through the different ages of the island of Myst. The artwork in the game was very unique and surreal. When I saw this picture it reminded me of the type of building that a player might find on the island of Myst.

Actually, it is the located on the Cataloochee Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The total area that is drained by the creek above this point lies within the park. This makes it possible to assess the natural hydrologic changes and trends without any significant influences of man.


16 thoughts on “MYST

    1. That was a great game! The graphics were so amazing and realistic for the times. Thanks Len, I appreciate the comment.

  1. Great find, Phillip. I really like this image.

    I remember the game MYST, although I did not play it. I was probably playing DOOM back then. 😉

  2. The photo does feel like taken out of a surreal world, thanks to the processing. It’s become an interesting image. The building is almost like a door into the unknown behind the actual scenery we see in the picture. It could have been a still photo for a movie by Terry Gilliam.

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