Little Al and Little Carl’s Day at the Beach



Little Al came to live with our family a couple of years ago. Of course he is an avid Alabama fan, and he doesn’t ever miss a game. Last year my niece and her husband sent Little Al a buddy. Little Carl is Arizona Cardinals fan, but has since gotten addicted to the college brand of football that is played in the SEC. Before the Alabama and LSU game, I heard him telling Little Al that he was getting used to this winning, something that he hadn’t seen much of before. I had to sit him down and talk to him about being cocky and letting winning get to his head. So maybe he learned something in losing.

The two went to Florida with us and really enjoyed themselves. At first Little Carl was afraid to go near the water. He had never seen that much water before, but with and little encouragement from Little Al they were enjoying the beach in no time.




Little Al had heard that the desert was made of sand so he figured that Little Carl might feel more comfortable if they started with building a sand castle. Little Carl explained that the desert was different than the beach. He said wasn’t used to sand that was this moist. He also thought that it was a good idea that someone had picked out all the rocks, and he liked the way that the sand stuck together and made building a castle easier.




Then they began horsing around and the next thing that I knew little Al had buried Little Carl. I had to dig him out and then I sent the two on down to the beach.




They had been listening to the Zac Brown band on the way down. Their favorite song was Toes. They kept asking for us to play it over and over.  Here they’re singing the chorus I got my toes in the water, ass in the sand not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand Life is good today, life is good today…

You can only try to raise them right.




Just then a large wave crash up on shore and they had more than their toes in the water.




So we called it a day for playing in the waves and they decided to dry off and lay out in the sun.




Of course they had to catch up of a little reading. Dre Kirkpatrick is one of their favorite players. Little Al told Little Carl the Dre could shatter both of them and he wouldn’t even know it.  It appears that the thought of this might be worrying Little Carl a bit.




Afterwards they were headed back when they saw a sign. Little Carl is asking Little Al “What does DISCARDED mean?”




It’s time to wash up so we don’t carry sand back into the condo.




Here the two are all buckled in for the trip back home. “Can we listen to Toes?”

“Yes, we want to listen to Toes.”

“Toes, Toes, Toes …”


Here we go again.




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