When I arrived home Sunday afternoon it was raining. I happened to notice some wet maple leaves lying on the walk. I love how the color seems more saturated when the leaves are wet. So I gathered a few leaves and took them inside to my little studio.

I wanted to go for a background where everything appears to be white. I lined the box that my new computer came in with white paper and placed a lamp inside it. Then I placed a diffuser over the top and covered it with an old window. After arranging the leaves on top of the glass, I set up another light along with my flash.

I processed the image using Lightroom 3, along with Nik’s family of plugins.




16 thoughts on “Leaves

    1. Thanks Jan! It was a lot of fun and simple. I was pleased with the results. I may change my set up a little the next time.

    1. Thanks Jimi. I want to return to this style sometime. I was going to do it the past weekend, but it just didn’t work out.

  1. My favourite time to photograph is after the rain, for exactly the reason you give. Particularly here, some of our trees’ barks look absolutely fabulous when wet, bringing out rich detail and colours one doesn’t see when dry. It is what I call Nature’s Art.

    Your leaves look wonderful. Your little setup seems to have worked very well, and I wish you more success with it.

    1. Thanks for saying so. I had a couple of problems with the light box that I want to redesign. So there will probably be another post in the future, because I plan to return to this project.

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