Larry Becker’s Reflector Board

1 reflector board


Recently I heard Larry Becker speak about making a reflection board that could be used to photograph product items while adding a reflection. The problem with using glass or plastic is that it is easy to get a double reflection. Larry describes a great way to make a single-reflection surface for these types of images.

First I picked up a cheap poster frame at my local Wal-Mart. Then I purchased a can of Black Krylon Fusion Paint for Plastic. I painted the inside of the clear plastic with several coats of paint. You can even see the clouds reflecting while it is drying.


2 reflector board


After it dried I replaced the cardboard backing inside of the frame. I placed the subject on top of the board, adjusted my lights, and then placed a back drop behind the subject.

The following are several images that I photographed playing around with the board.

Thanks Larry!



3 reflector board



4 reflector board



5 reflector board



6 reflector board



7 reflector board




12 thoughts on “Larry Becker’s Reflector Board

  1. Hey Phillip.
    I love the frugal setup in the second picture. My guess the total cost of this setup is around $50. And if you had just shown the final shots, no one would have ever known. Its great to see it all been put together and it definitively gives me a few ideas to try out…. cause winter is still hanging around up here – unfortunately – so there is still plenty of time to experiment.

    1. Thank you Jan. The cost of everything except for the drafting table beneath the background material, might be around that or maybe a little more. Everything is the results of separate projects. I’ve written about a couple. However, I don’t believe that I ever got around to writing about the spot light.

      As for the latest project. I got a larger poster frame that was around $15. They had a smaller one for $10. The can of paint cost me about $5. So it cost me a twenty dollar bill (+/-).

  2. I saw Larry’s appearance on one of the podcasts Phillip. He is quite creative. I said to myself, I ought to try that and forgot it. Your post may have inspired a weekend project during our upcoming snow storm.

    1. Thanks Len. I actually had missed several months of shows. So for several afternoons I’d come home from work and watch DTown TV. It was during that time that I saw Larry’s tip for the first time. So I went out and purchased the stuff. Now I’m waiting for a good day to go outside and paint. (The weather has been inconsistent to say the least. One day it’s raining, the next day it’s cold, the next day it’s nice, and then …) Around this time I find that DTown has changed its name to Photography Tips & Tricks and there’s Larry doing the same tip again.

      Larry’s great. I like the way he thinks!

  3. I love your “how I did it” posts Phillip. This is terrific. I think I may try this myself and your final images are excellent.

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