12 thoughts on “John Wesley Hall Grist Mill

  1. Beautifully captured and processed, Phillip. Although I like both versions of the first picture, I think my favourite is the colour version. Just adds more depth to the picture, in my point of view. I also like the energy in the second picture, quite tantalizing.

    1. Thanks Otto. I agree that a color image might speak to the viewer differently than a b/w. Not that one is necessarily better, but is different, and might effect one more emotionally than the other. Thanks for your input.

  2. Glad this structure is preserved. Excellent thinking about your last image in motion. The motion adds another dimension.

  3. I too love the way these images convey the motion and energy of this mill. I have to go for the colour version. Although much of it could be called ‘monochromatic’ there are those tremendous little flecks of pink petals at at the foot of the image. Such a small detail, but disproportionately important to the colour image.

    1. Thanks Andy. I appreciate the comment. I find myself preferring a little color in my “black and white” images sometimes. There is a 19 century preset inside of OnOne’s Perfect B/W that I’ll usually try when I begin my processing called Gum Bichromate. I love the old colors especially with historic images.

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