It Only Takes a Spark


It Only Takes a Spark
It Only Takes a Spark


When I was growing up during the seventies, the song Pass It On was a popular among many Christian youth groups around the country. Written by the talented Kurt Kaiser, a verse in the song described how it only took a spark to build a fire large enough to provide warmth for a group of people. Similarly the same has been described about helping people who are in need. Earlier this year many places were devastated by several massive tornadoes that swept through Alabama. People from all over the country came and donated their time, money, and abilities in an attempt to help someone else who was in need.

As we remember the events and lives from 9/11 we can also remember how people from around the world responded with a helping hand. As awful as these events are, they have a way of uniting us, and bring out the good in people. Many times groups of people are formed in the effort to provide this help, just because one person had an idea. That person alone might have been powerless to make a difference, but as a group they are able to accomplice a much larger task. Like the spark in song, a fire is soon started that is large enough to begin making a difference in someone’s life.

The head football coach at the University of Alabama, Nick Saban and his wife Terry, are very active in helping with the devastation that occurred in Tuscaloosa. This past spring Coach Saban urged his players to reach out to those hurting in the community and help. He said that often times guys are self-absorbed thinking only of themselves. Saban said. “You know, the greatest positive self-gratification that you ever really get is really what you do for somebody else, not anything that you ever do for yourself. He said that while a lot of kids know this, this gave them an opportunity to reinforce it by doing something to help other people.


It doesn’t cost a candle anything to light another candle. Actually, it makes both brighter.                                                                                               Terry Saban




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    1. Thank you Denise. With football starting up there has been a lot said recently of the Saban’s involvement in helping the community. Terry’s comment really struck home and prompted me to take these photographs.

    1. Thanks Daniele. It seems that this year we have had one devastator after another all over the world. When we work together to help others sometime we benefit as much as the ones we help.

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