Sliver Lining


Saturday I awoke to find a light frost outside. I grabbed my camera gear and decided to hike down to the creek behind our home. The frost was quickly vanishing, but I was able to capture a young blackberry sprout with a silver lining around it’s leaves.


creek 1



I carried a pair of rubber boots that my son left behind when he moved off to college several years ago.  They came in handy as I waded out into the creek with my tripod and took several shots.These are several three, five, six, and nine shots HDR images. I processed them using Adobe’s Lightroom 3, Nik’s HDR Efex Pro 2, On One’s Prefect Effects 4, and Nik’s Dfine 2.


creek 2



Sunday afternoon as I was putting this post together, I realized that my blog had been hacked. Really! All along the top of my header were links for loans. What would anyone expect to gain from hacking my little blog? It is obvious that these people have enough understanding of coding to be destructive. Why not attempt to earn an honest living by being productive? At least go after a site with more than twenty visits a week! How stupid can one person be?


creek 3


Anyway it really put me into a pickle. First, I called my host, Go Daddy. That call lasted just long enough for them to tell me that it wasn’t their problem. Then I attempted to contact Photocrati. After learning that my one year support had expired, I emailed them anyway and explained that my site had been hacked.

I expected to get a reply saying that I could subscribe to another year support for a certain amount. Instead I was contacted with a new theme and instructions for possibly repairing my site.


water fall


Luckily for me everything went well. I backed up my files and uploaded and activated the new theme.  Then I changed my password and downloaded a security plugin to help guard against hackers.

If you find yourself in the market for a new theme, please check out the folks at Photocrati.  For $89 you get a theme with 60 different styles, a shopping cart and gallery. I certainly give them my highest recommendation!


12 thoughts on “Hacked!

  1. Great shots from balmy Alabama. One of 12 days of winter i suppose. Probably a good thing it was on a saturday, they might have closed the schools. LOL

    It sucks to hear that your blog was hacked. – And I can imagine your frustration. Why yours, and not the Strobist for example. Bigger market I would think. But you got it fixed, and since my little blurb is smaller than yours, I should probably be aware now. 🙂

    Great shots as always Phillip. Im a sucker for water falls and streams and these are executed well i think.

    1. Jan here’s a heart felt thank you from balmy Alabama! Yes the morning started out cold but warmed up into the upper fifties I would guess. It turned out to be rather pleasant day.(Think about that the next time it drops below zero.) I’d have you to know that a week or so earlier we actually had snow, that stuck around for several hours. Seriously, if a snowflake falls anywhere here it’s a major deal. We just aren’t prepared for something that only happens once every year or so. I appreciate your visit, comment, and humor.

    1. Thanks Andrew. I really don’t know, but I think that the better question is why. It had to be something automated. I just can’t hear someone saying “No wait, go back to that last one. Yes, let’s hack him. Wow, He’s had four people leave comments!” LOL

  2. Nothing worse than low life hackers. I had to rebuild my hard drive a while back. They suck the fun out of everything. Wonderful images, Phillip. Stay warm

  3. Really digging the first and third image Phillip. Sorry to hear about the site being hacked. Mine was hacked twice in January. My solution was to migrate to Squarespace and I am very happy so far.

  4. A beautiful collection of winter pictures. I really like the last one, it’s so serene and calming to look at. Must have been really frustrating to discover you had been hacked. Luckily your provider was able to help you out. It really sucks when people do these kinds of atrocities, especially since there is absolute no other point than destroying.

  5. Phillip, you are becoming very proficient with those plug-ins! Beautiful images to begin with but your enhancements do not overpower.

    I’m glad got the hack resolved quickly. Way to go, Photocrati! I’m going to check them out for myself. Thanks.


    1. Thank you Dani, I appreciate it. I’m very pleased with the guys at Photocrati, and I can’t recommend them highly enough. If you find yourself in the market for a photography theme, by all means check them out! I’m sure that you’ll be happy that you did.

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