Middle Fork of the Little Pigeon River
Middle Fork of the Little Pigeon River

During our trip to the Great Smoky Mountains we visited the old community of Greenbrier. Greenbrier is located along the Middle Fork of the Little Pigeon River, stretching from Porters Flat in the south to Emert’s Cove in the north.

The entrance to the Greenbrier Park is on US-321 about six miles east of Gatlinburg. We had planned to hike up to Ramsey’s Cascades. The trail head is located another six miles down a gravel road. The roads are kept in great shape and wasn’t difficult traveling. From the trail head, it’s 4.0 miles to the cascades, which are the tallest in the park. After we started hiking the skies began to darken and appeared to threaten rain. Concerned that this eight mile hike might not be a good idea, we turned back and visited the Greenbrier community instead. Maybe the next time we’ll have better luck.

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  1. It’s such a serene and peaceful scenery. I love its almost all brownish colour palette – only broken a little bit by some leftover leaves. It’s beautifully captured and processed.

    1. Thank you. They had gotten a lot of rained recently. The creeks and rivers were really high. It was a great time to visit.

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