Cherries 1
Cherries 1


Several weeks ago, before our little trip to Mississippi, I posted some images of some sweet peppers. I mentioned that one day I would follow up with some photograph of cherries. Well that time has arrived. The following images were taken in my little studio.


Cherries 2
Cherries 2


In the past I’ve used Diet Sprite or 7Up instead of water because it will provide more of the little air bubbles, whereas water alone will not. Somewhere I’ve heard that club soda did an even better job providing these bubbles. So this time I picked up a 2 liter bottle and went to work.


Cherries 3
Cherries 3


I had an old wooden create that I placed a small lamp inside. Then I laid a piece of glass across the opening for a make shift table. Afterwards I placed a glass flower vase on top and filled it with the cherries and Club Soda.



Cherries 4
Cherries 4


When I was through playing with my food, I turned the cherries over to my wife Cindy who made a wonderful dessert.




This week you get two posts in one! Just to catch you up on a little news.



In 1966 Larry Evoy and Craig Hemming formed a Toronto based Canadian pop-rock group named Edward Bear. Although, I didn’t know it at the time, the name was derived from A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh, whose “proper” name is Edward Bear.

One of the group’s charted songs was titled “Last Song”. It went something like the following:

It’s the last song I’ll ever write for you. It’s the last time that I’ll tell you just how much I really care.
This is the last song I’ll ever sing for you. You’ll come looking for the light and it won’t be there …

Well, this isn’t the last post that I’ll ever write, but it is the last one for a couple of weeks or so.

It’s with a heavy heart that I pass on the sad news that my computer is on its last leg.  The doctor says that she just can’t store those bytes the way that she once could when I first purchased her. It’s hard seeing her with all those wires and tubes coming out of her ports. We’ve been through a lot over the years. In fact she has processed every digital image that I have taken. However, that’s the way it goes. It’s everything that she can do just to write her thoughts to her external memory without rebooting every ten minutes. She is just so tired.

I’ll still try and visit your sites when I can, while I’m waiting on my new computer to arrive. Then I’ll have to reinstall all of my programs on it. So hopefully I’ll be back in a couple of weeks or so.




19 thoughts on “Cherries

  1. I know that song! Great looking cherries and a very nice post! I just got done rebuilding my laptop and PC, so I know what you are facing-oh ya, the building of the MiniMag too! I have been away too long!

    1. That’s a great song. I never knew the story of where the name of the band came from. I thought that was a cool little story.
      I have mixed feelings about upgrading my computer. Oh, it is exciting on one hand, but it really could have picked a better time to happen than now.
      By the way, it looks like you are setting up your blog to include your Minimag. Is this correct, or will it be sent out as an e-mail? It really sounds interesting!

        1. Well around here the ground is something that one considers to be fairly stable. 🙂 I read later that it wasn’t anything serious. Still I glad that you all were safe.

  2. Amazing shots. Fantastic lit and great colours. I like them all – and I like the variety you came out with even with such a limited subject matter. I think the glow of the last picture is fascinating, but I don’t really have a favourite this time. I simply like them all.

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