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Finally, my favorite time of the year has arrived. I found some time a couple of weeks ago to photograph at a local garden.

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Winter in Alabama


It seems that when winter rolls around I go into hibernation mode. I hate being cold. I just don’t see how some of you survive in some of the places that you do. Winter in Alabama is warm one day, cloudy the next, and then it raining the next just before it turns cold. Then the next week, it replays in reverse.


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Cindy and I spent our Thanksgiving holidays on the beach. It was great just to get away and do nothing for a few days. The first night was cold, but the weather became warmer each day. Few things can compare to looking out the Gulf as the sun sets below the horizon. 

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I’ve been so busy they past few weeks that I haven’t had the time to post. However, I was able to get out a couple of weeks ago and photograph some autumn scenes.


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Lines in the Mist



The good thing about having to leave early in the mornings is that I get to see all of these beautiful sunrises. So I left early one Sunday morning to try and capture a shot of what I normally see on my morning commute. These lines are just down the road from our home. I love how the mist can be seen between the mountains. I call it Lines in the Mist.

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