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Lines in the Mist



The good thing about having to leave early in the mornings is that I get to see all of these beautiful sunrises. So I left early one Sunday morning to try and capture a shot of what I normally see on my morning commute. These lines are just down the road from our home. I love how the mist can be seen between the mountains. I call it Lines in the Mist.

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Stephen’s Gap Cave


This past weekend I finally made it to Stephen’s Gap Cave or Stephen’s Gap Pit, I’ve heard both and I’m not sure which is correct. For the sake of this blog, I’m going to stick with cave.  The last time I attempted to travel out to Woodville, Alabama, the threat of thunderstorms kept me away. This day I was going in spite of the warnings.

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Wedowee 2

Last week someone asked me about the name Wedowee. So I searched a while and discovered that Wedowee, means “old water” in the Creek language. It was the name of a Muscogee Creek Indian chief whose town was located adjacent to the small stream.


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We spent a few days at Lake Wedowee, located in Randolph County, Alabama on the upper part of the Tallapoosa River. Construction began on the lake in 1974 which covers 10,660 acres. The lake is named for the small town of Wedowee, with an estimated population of 800 people.


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Thompson Falls


I was on my way to Woodville, Alabama to photograph Stephens Gap Cave. I was in my zone, my tunes playing, and was heading down the road, when I received a call from my mother-in-law. Why do these types of calls always seem to come at the worst possible time? “There’s a leak”, and there goes my Saturday.

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