Cataloochee Sunset

Cataloochee Sunset
Cataloochee Sunset

When I was young Jim Stafford explained that “All good things gotta come to an end,” and it’s was the same with our wonderful weekend trip. We always enjoy visiting the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s a peaceful and beautiful place.

Some visit the area for shopping, others for the food and entrainment. Some never even venture into this beautiful and historic park. I can’t imagine such. I won’t even attempt to understand their reasoning here, other than to say that I guess that it may be similar to the reason that I have never attended a show in the area. For us, there are few things as rejuvenating to one’s spirit as getting away into God’s creation, and this is usually the reason for our trips.

As we left the valley on our way back to our cabin outside of Gatlinburg, we pulled off the small winding road to enjoy viewing the Cataloochee Sunset.



22 thoughts on “Cataloochee Sunset

  1. Man, what a great sunset this is, Phillip.
    I really like the minimalist feel of this image. Awesome color.

    Sounds like that weekender was a total blast.

  2. This is quite a stunning sunset. It’s as simple as can be, and still very interesting. Just a silhouette and yellow light. Thanks for taking us along to Cataloochee.

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