Butterflies 001


This past weekend I spent some time photographing butterflies.


Butterflies 002


I’ve learned from past experience that they seem to keep their eye on me and prefer to keep their distance. Therefore, I tend  just sit and wait for these little fellows to come to me rather than attempting to chase them around.


Butterflies 003


I usually pick a place and pre-focus on several areas to get an perspective. Then wait for one to flutter by. I’d be interested in hearing any tips that you might have learned from your experiences.


Butterflies 004


Sometimes they choose to leave in the middle of your shot, which can creates an unusual and somewhat cool image.


Butterflies 005


This one was created using SnapArt3 to give it a painterly appearance.

Butterflies 006



My son graduated from college earlier this year. So with him now officially on his own, we have reclaimed his old room. It is now a spare bedroom / sewing room. We took up the carpet and refinished the hardwood floors, painted and purchased some different furniture.




This week we finished hanging a photograph that I had taken last month at Aldridge’s Gardens of a butterfly. We had it printed on three 12X24 canvas prints. We were extremely pleased with the results. I have often seen examples of this type of work, but have never attempted it myself.




12 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. These are all eminent close-ups. I like the way you work with light and colours. Those butterfly wings are just so beautiful when light shines through them. My favourites are number one and four, for their simplicity. The three canvas print on the wall looks great.

  2. Beautiful series! My favorite one is the second, just because of the butterfly playing peek-a-boo. So cute! As for how to capture them, I wish I knew! Uh, practice? Looks like you did a great job. I usually make sure my camera’s on manual focus and continuous shooting mode, brace my elbows, and snap, snap, snap. I end up with tons of pictures to go through at the end, but it’s worth it since I only get one or two good ones.

    1. I’m so glad that you left your tips Caryn, thank you. It good to hear how other people shoot. Many times I have actually set my camera up on a tripod and waited with a remote trigger. See the one on the bedroom wall. I didn’t do it with these, just because I was lazy and didn’t want the hassle. I find that when I take the time to set everything up, it causes me to think about the composition and about what I trying to accomplish. Otherwise, I’ve been guilty of speeding through the process and missing the details. Because my vision isn’t as trustworthy as it once was, I normally stay away from manual focus, except for when I am forced into it. Example using an manual extension tube. Which just so happens to be the subject of my next post.

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