Buck Creek



Buck Creek is located in Shelby County, Alabama. It begins around Double Oak Mountain and flows southeast though Saginaw, Siluria, Alabaster, and Pelham, before crossing Route 261 in Helena. Here it is dammed to form Lake Davidson. The creek is around 17miles long and is a tributary of the Cahaba River.



Above I took advantage of a small puddle and captured the reflection of the traffic passing on the Hwy 261 Bridge.


The area is used as a recreational resource including fishing, wading, and canoeing. During the night visitors of Old Town are able to enjoy seeing the dam illuminated.


Each spring the city hosts the annual Buck Creek Festival at the park, when hundreds of plastic yellow duck are sent over the dam. The event draws thousands of visitors.


The creek continues northwest where it intersects with Cahaba River just past the Buck Creek Park below the CSX railroad bridge.














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    1. Thanks Otto. I was blessed to have that early morning light along with some mist rising from the water. I appreciate the wonderful comment.

  1. Yes Phillip, as Otto says, you’ve captured the creek most beautifully here, and this combined with the interspersed text, makes for a nice little tour for the viewer.

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