More than just Hot Air





Earlier this year we attended the Alabama Jubilee in Decatur. In addition to the hot air balloons, there are crafts for sale and a tractor and car show. The following are a few pictures that I took during the weekend.


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Talladega Creek






Our family recently visited the Talladega Creek located in the Talladega Nation Forest.

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Winter Place




Winter Place is a historic complex of two conjoined houses and three outbuildings located in Montgomery, Alabama. In 1855 Colonel Joseph Samuel Winter and his wife Mary Elizabeth built an Italianate Manor style home. Samuel Sloan a Philadelphia architect who designed the Winter’s first home, is believed to be its designer.

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Built in 1861, the Kymulga covered bridge is located just east of the Kymulga grist mill off of Alabama Hwy 76 in Childersburg, Alabama. The bridge is a Howe truss style bridge constructed over a single span. The 105 foot bridge provided access across the Talladega Creek for the Old Georgia Road, a Native American trade route which was used by settlers and frontiersmen who ventured the area.

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Where’s Waldo



You may remember the British illustrator, Martin Handford, who created a series of children’s books in 1987 with double-page detailed illustrations. Each depicted dozens or more people doing a variety of amusing things at a given location. Readers were challenged to find a character named Wally or for those of us in the US and Canada, Waldo, hidden in the group. Well I doubt Wally ever made it to Waldo, Alabama, but if he had this is where you would have found the funny looking guy with the red-and-white-striped shirt and bobble hat.

The community actually gets its name from the wife of Samuel Riddle, who was married to Maria Waldo Bradley in 1841 in Trenton, New York. In 1843 Samuel and his three brothers moved to Alabama, where they built an iron forge on Talladega Creek. They named this forge “Maria’s Forge” Here they manufactured iron from hematite ore found in several places near Talladega.


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