Cindy and I recently rented a cottage for a weekend in Mentone. Mentone is a small town located a couple of hours outside of Birmingham on Lookout Mountain, in northeast Alabama. The town of less than 400 people is at an elevation of 1708 feet making it the highest elevation of any incorporated town in Alabama.

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Sloss Furnaces




Recently I revisited Sloss Furnaces. To my surprise I discovered that they were wrapping up a new project which includes a new Visitor Center, parking lot and a new road that travels down the back of the plant. I guess that this will forever be the new front of the plant. It offers a whole new view of the plant that never could have been enjoyed before.


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Old Cahawba



Alabama became the 22nd state of the Union in 1819. Temporary accommodations were set up in Huntsville, while the state’s first capital was being built. By 1820,  Cahawba, located at the junction of the Cahaba and Alabama Rivers, was a fully functioning state capital.

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Shelby Iron Works




The remains of the Shelby Iron Works are located in Shelby Springs, Alabama. At its peak, the Iron Works was the largest charcoal-fired blast furnace in the south.
Horace Ware and John McClannahan, began construction on the brick and stone blast furnace in 1841. After completion in 1846, the furnace produced a maximum of five tons of iron per day. Ware sent the Wrought iron produced in the furnace to Sheffield, England where it was made into high quality cutlery. In 1858 he incorporated the company as the Shelby County Iron Manufacturing Corporation. The operation expanded in 1860 with a state of the art rolling mill, and produced the first finished bar iron produced in the state.

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Recently I was driving down Hwy 5 towards Centerville. While passing through Woodstock I stopped to take a few photographs.


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