Autumn Leaves




The last several weeks have been so beautiful. The autumn leaves are now past their peak now but are still so colorful. It’s really hard to beat a season that has both beautiful leaves and football.




If it wasn’t for the fact that winter followed it, I believe that autumn would be my favorite time of the year. However, that whole cold thing just has a way of ruining everything. Call me a wimp if you like but, I just hate being cold.














10 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Yes, autumn is a good time for photographers isn’t it? And it’s quite amazing that the colours are still there in the middle of November! Great photos you show here, picturing the beauty of autumn. My favourite is the first one, I just love that intense orange glow.

    1. Thank you Otto. Autumn does come much later for us, than our neighbors to the north. I really love the light of late afternoon sun shining on the brightly colored leaves. It really make them glow.

  2. Beautiful colours – particularly the first one, Phillip. This autumn seems to have gone on longer than most, or maybe my memory is just playing uo.

    1. Thanks Andy. I’m not sure about you all but we still have a little color left. Thank goodness, as a rule our winters aren’t very bad. However, it’s probably about time for a bad winter storm.

    1. Thanks! The one at he end is a Dogwood. I never realized that there were so many different types. Some of then put these red berries, while I’ve noticed that others do not.

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