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Horton Mill Covered Bridge



The Horton Mill Covered Bridge is a Town Lattice Truss construction over two spans and crosses the Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River in Blount County, Alabama. It is located on Horton Mill Road and Covered Bridge Circle off State Route 75 about 5 miles north of the city of Oneonta.

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Easley Covered Bridge



The Easley Covered Bridge is located in Blount County on Easley Bridge Road off U.S. Route 231, just south of the town of Rosa, about 5 miles northwest of the city of Oneonta. The county-owned bridge is constructed of a combination of both wood and metal, and spans the Dub Branch of the Calvert Prong of the Little Warrior River.


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John Looney House



Captain John Looney and his company of Volunteers from Maury County Tennessee, fought under General Andrew Jackson at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, where they defeated the Creek Indians during the war of 1812. When the conflict ended in 1814 the resulting treaty made it possible for Alabama to become a state in 1818.


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Assateague Light



Constructed in 1867 the 142-foot-tall lighthouse replaced the shorter 45-foot-tall lighthouse which had been built in 1833. It is conical in shape and is painted in alternating bands of red and white.

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Wild Ponies



No one knows for sure how the wild ponies came to live on the Island of Assateague, Virginia. It seems that everyone has a story. One story says that they are descendants of survivors from a Spanish galleon that sank during a storm in 1750. Another story says that they are descendants from livestock that were taken to the island by the locals during the 17th century to avoid taxation from the British.

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