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Although I could do without the humidity, the weather is one of the good things about the South.  The summers are long and as a rule the winters are short.  Lately, there has been little that would convince you that fall was just around the corner.



We probably won’t see any real signs of fall until October or maybe early November. However, if you look you will notice that the season is beginning to change.



Certain fall flowers or starting to bloom and there are even some leaves turning colors and others that have already fallen.



I visited a local garden the other day and took these pictures. I kept trying to capture a shot of the dragon flies that were flying around the lake.



Finally I found this little fellow who just sat a posed for me. (Do Dragon Flies sneeze, and if so, are we suppose to say “Bless You”? Just wondering.)



 After a few minutes he moved to another spot and we continued until I decided to leave.




That was a first for me. Usually I’m doing well to get a couple of shots at all. This guy would let me get close, change angles and sides. I just couldn’t believe that he was being so cooperative.



10 thoughts on “Around the Corner

  1. That little fellow would be a great plus for our Salt River Indian Reservation Butterfly Atrium even in print form on the walls. Their gift shop sells little insect/bug type objects and one of these sealed in glass or printed on a trinket would be perfect for a place like that. Those are really great shots and we all want to thank this guy for his day of fame. I enjoyed the flora shots as well, especially that one of wheat or grass or whatever it is. Must not have been any breeze that day or else you are a master at getting vegetation to stand still as well as bugs.

  2. Amazing series of shots, Phillip. Absolutely awesome, my friend. I really like that first dragonfly shot with the wonderful bokeh. Good stuff!

    1. Thank you Otto. It’s been a little cool around here lately, I bet those dragon flies aren’t buzzing around any longer. 🙂

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